Wednesday, April 29, 2009

harvesting the heart!

julie's say:

well i loved it...i might just be a jodi picoult fan now.....i did struggle a little at first when not only did she alternate from person to person but past to present with in each person as well...was probably just me and my lack of brain cells....hahaha....but when you get a little further into it and it just goes from paige to nicholas i was hooked and just had to find out what was going to could never predict a single thing....i loved that!!!! you would think that maybe a certain thing was going to happen then bam she would hit you with something completely different.......i wanted to have that happy ending though...would have like to have been 100% sure that max was ok and that they were going to be back at it my own little version i like to believe that they do all get that happy ending they all so deserve!!!

Nes's say.........

What a brilliant writer. She keeps you hanging on all the way. I was a little sad with the way it ended...I wanted to be sure that the little one was definitely OK. I love how she told the story from 2 different perspectives...and that I got to be tangled up in all that happened to Nicholas and Paige. What a fantastic story teller. Again the book is not my normal sort of genre, but I really did enjoy it the 2nd time around.

I'm loving what I'm getting out of this book club...different genre's that I normally wouldn't look twice at...even my own choice of book is not what I would normally read.


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