Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sandy says!!!

Sandy says the book to read for march is "harvesting the heart" by Jodi have until the 6th of april ( a little longer cause i am posting it so late) to read it then we will have a chat about it........ enjoy ladies!!

i will be posting reviews from some of the other girls about "the wedding" soon so make sure you come back to see what they thought of it!


Nes said...

I enjoyed the book, but thought it was a bit predictable...with the exception of the wedding at the end....Ok now to get my teeth stuck into the next book...Oh and Jules No apologies needed...we are all wives and mums and understand how hectic life can be...:)

jules said...

thanks honey for understanding...i got busy with the retreat then some family stuff but all back on track now!!!

looking forward to checking out jodi's book it will be the first one of hers i have read....i keep hearing great things about her books so it will be great to finally give one a go!! hope you all enjoy it too!!